Thoughts and Review on Second Extinction Game Online

Second Extinction is a game developed and published by Systemic Reaction. In Second Extinction, you will play as humans fighting against mutated dinosaurs that have taken over the earth. You will need to cooperate with your team mates to fight against the dinosaurs

This game revolves around a group of human survivors that have retreated to an orbital station and returned to earth. They launch a war against the dinosaurs that possess unusual features because of their mutation.

Second Extinction is an Open world fast-paced first person co-op game. The Game’s theme is like Monster Hunter, but its more modern and equipped with modern armory. You will utilize this modern armory to defeat every dinosaur and drive them to extinct.


Every Survivors has their own unique specializations. They each have their own skills and weapon sets where you need to utilize to defeat every dinosaurs standing on your way. Each classes will have their unique passive, tactical and special skills.

  • Amir Wilson
    Amir Wilson is a recon type class, who’s role is to support the team, His skills allow him to understand of nearby or attacking enemies. He will be able to reveal all the enemies in an area by highlighting it.
    He comes with some skills, where his passive skill is to allow him to be aware of unseen attacking enemies. His Tactical skills is to reveal all enemies in an area for a short period of time. And lastly his special skill is to use an Orbital Station’s terraforming laser to blast a designated area.
  • Jurgen Winter
    Jurgen Winter is a Trooper type class who uses sniper that could attack enemies from a far distance. Each and every shot of his is accurate and dealing high damage to enemies.
    He is equipped with a passive skill that allow him to be harder to detect when crouched or being stationary after a short duration. His tactical skill is to throw a sticky explosive satchel that could explode when shot and dealing high damage. And his special skill is to use a vial of pheromones that could render him and his nearby allies undetected for a short period of time
  • Valentina Ortega
    Valentina Ortega is another Trooper type class where she utilize heavy weapons to deal massive damage to enemies. Her skills allow her to move through the battle field quickly while dealing damage.
    Her Passive allows her to equip primary weapon in her sidearm slot, so that she could bring 2 primary weapon into the battlefield. Her tactical skill allows her to swiftly leaps into a direction. And her special skill allows her to charge a bar when dealing damage, where once this bar is fully charged, it can be triggered and she will enter a heightened combat state.
  • Rosy Mevoungou
    Rosy Mevoungou is an Enforcer type class that specialize in defense. She could build an electrical fence or even heal your team.
    Her passive allow her to restores damage to any unbroken health segment. Her tactical skill is to deploy an electrical barrier to fend off enemies. And lastly her special skill is to commend the team that will trigger a health regen and defense boost to nearby team.

Not only using weapon and skills, you also need to utilize every means neccesary like using utilities like explosions, either its frag grenades or even cluster bombs.

Even though Second extinction is still on its early access, but it has a really good potential for being a very nice game. Even though it still have its ups and downs, but it still is a really great game where you can shoot at dinosaur.

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